Why is ODIN-fire Open Sourced

ODIN assumes two general categories of stakeholders: providers and users.

Provider stakeholders are sub-categorized into

User stakeholders are more than just fire agencies. This category also includes communities and commercial or government entities that operate fire detection and threat modeling systems to protect their (local) assets. What is common between user stakeholders is their general focus on improved situational awareness, which requires access to a broad range of external and internal data, potentially including low latency (tracking) information.

There are three conclusions to draw from this stakeholder variety:

ODIN-fire is aimed at providing a common, open sourced framework that is available to all stakeholders so that no one has to develop their applications from scratch. To that end ODIN-fire itself is published under ApacheLicensev2 and can be distributed free of royalties.

This does not mean that all ODIN-fire applicatins and components have to be public. The license allows stakeholders to create and sell commercial (closed source) components and services. However, the over-arching goal for ODIN-fire is to bundle and save efforts in the wildland fire stakeholder community by creating a common basis for all its members.