RACE is a highly concurrent and potentially distributed system. Depending on your application it can make use of multi-core CPUs if actors can work in parallel (such as translators or stats collectors). CPU clock rate is usually less important - leave alone graphics, RACE rarely exceeds CPU loads of 10% on >= 2GHz Intel CPUs.

Memory requirements for RACE also depend mostly on applications, or more specifically on data sets such as large number of active flights. A full SWIM import (SFDPS, TAIS, ASDE-X with >=4500 live flights and 1-15 sec update intervals) can execute in <1.5 GB.

The most demanding component is graphics. If you plan to use the RaceViewerActor (WorldWind) for geospatial display, machines should have >8GB of memory and a contemporary external GPU with at least 2GB of memory.

As a reference, most RACE applications (including full SWIM import) run fine on a 2017 MacBook Pro (3.1GHz i7, 16GB, Radeon Pro 555).


As a JVM application RACE can run on OS X, Linux and Windows. Most development is done on OS X machines.


Java JDK

RACE needs to have a working Java JDK >=1.8 installed on developent machines, which can be obtained from the Oracle website. You can check the current java version by running

> java -version

from the command line.

On OS X, you can check for installed JDKs by running

> /usr/libexec/java_home -V

and setting JAVA_HOME in your ~/.profile accordingly.


The Scala Build Tool >=13.15 is used to build and run RACE. Please refer to the SBT documentation for details of how to install SBT on various platforms.


To obtain and update RACE sources, we use Git as the distributed version control system.